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Studio H2O is an innovative, Los Angeles-based water feature design firm with an international portfolio. With over 20 years of experience in both residential and commercial projects, Studio H2O’s team has created unique and innovative water features for national and international clients, working on diverse projects including multi-use town centers, museums, theme parks, municipal public parks, convention centers, sports arenas, hotels, casinos and resorts, offices, and retail facilities. Collaborating with architects, landscape architects, and developers, our design team is able to create distinctive water displays that dazzle, engage and amaze its viewers.

Rave Reviews!

A few months ago, I sat down with PJ, the Principal Designer of Studio H2O. By the end of the lunch, I knew this was someone I wanted to partner with on a future project. 

Recently, we were selected to design the interiors and exteriors of an estate on a hill. The pool and landscape were completely dated and did not serve the clients needs. Immediately, I thought of PJ. We have begun the initial design concept for this project. We had a meeting of the minds at my office last week. Here, we all came together with our ideas and shared openly and freely. 

I surround myself with the people who are the best at what they do, and I let them do it. PJ is certainly an example of that. I have a vision of how I see the interiors and exteriors interacting with one another. Together, we are going to make this dream a reality.

I highly recommend PJ and his team at Studio H2O. They are amazing designers and great people.

Aaron Duke

I would highly recommend Studio H2o. Our first time working relationship has been a good experience. P.J. and his team are top notch.
In our business, communication is key. Studio H2o has been very responsive when information is needed.  This, and their beautiful designs puts them on the top of our list in their field!

DMS Contractors

I have worked with PJ. and his team at H2O off and on for over 13 years. They have the highest standard of craftsmanship and professionalism and are absolute pleasure to collaborate with. Their amazing attention to details leading to a beautiful finish project. We are looking forward to finish the projects we have with them and would not hesitate to recommend them to our clients .

Zdesign Interiors

With decades of global design experience and a passion for creative thinking, there was no question we wanted to join forces with PJ and his design team at Studio H2o.

Brought together by a fellow architectural firm, our teams have been designing together on luxury outdoor living spaces throughout Southern California. PJ has continuously designed unique water features and fire features for our clients’ pools and gardens; always exceeding their expectations. 

Finding consistency and integrity in the construction industry is rare, bringing together our companies, we have found a partnership which keeps our clients happy and the creative design process flowing smoothly. Our clients’ needs are the main priority in both of our design teams, together we are a fit!

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